TAKADA PC 325 Step Control MIG Welder

Supplied with: TBi 240 Classic Welding Torch, Gas Product CO2 Regulator & Flowmeter, Earth Clamp with 1.2m Cable.

Compact unit.
Step Control Output Voltage: DC18-42V
3 Phase, 400-415V, 50Hz

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TAKADA PC 325 is for light to heavy-duty use. They satisfy the need for high capacity for repair work and maintenance welding with the lowest maintenance cost. They are robust step-controlled compact power units, intended for medium duty MIG/MAG welding. Able to perform welding of solid and cored wires with or without shielding gas. With step voltage adjustments, it offers the flexibility of being able to alter voltage settings in 20 steps, independent of wire feed speed.

Made with IP21S graded chassis to withstand rugged environments, with wheels and built-in wire feeder, able to accommodate wire spools up to 300mm.

Capable of welding carbon steel, stainless steel, low alloy steel, aluminum alloy and more. The PC 325 is suitable for a wide array of applications, including automobile, metalworking, machinery, factory production, repair and maintenance industries. Specially designed and created for the automotive production welding industries. Capable of long continuous welding and stable output due to the high duty cycle transformer coil design.


Accessories included are: TBi Industries’ Classic 240 ESG-Euro Connector MIG welding torch. CO2 gas regulator, and a 1.2m long earth clamp.

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