ESAB Dual Shield 7100

E71T-1C FCAW wire for mild steel and 490N/mm2 class high tensile strength steel.

1.2mm – 35RR12247V
1.6mm – 35RR16247V

15kg Spool.

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ESAB Dual Shield 7100 is a multi-purpose, all-position, flux cored wire for use with CO2 gas. For the welding of mild steel and high tensile strength steels in the 490N/mm2 class.

Flux-cored arc welding (FCAW) can be up to three times more productive than Stick (SMAW) welding and up to 2.5 times more productive than conventional MIG welding. FCAW also offers productive positional welding and low diffusible hydrogen levels (H5) when required. ESAB flux cored wires offer flat welds with deep penetration and wetting into plate, with high deposition rates and efficiencies. This dramatically reduces weld time, increasing productivity.

Dual Shield 7100 features excellent feeding properties, good penetration, as well as easy slag removal. Commonly used in applications and industries such as: machinery, offshore construction, general fabrication, shipbuilding, boilers, pipelines, containers, bridges and more.

ESAB Dual Shield 7100 is of C Mn alloy type, and is welded with DC+ current, with C1 (Pure CO2 Shielding Gas). Available in 1.2mm and 1.6mm sizes, in wire spools of 15 kilograms per carton box packaging.

SFA/AWS A5.20 : E71T-1C
SFA/AWS A5.36 : E71T1-C1A0-CS1
JIS Z 3313 : YFW-C50DR
KS D 7104 : YFW-C50DR
EN ISO 17632-A : T 42 0 P C1 1 H10


Reference: Dual Shield 7100 Page.

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Weight 15 kg

1.2mm (35RR12247V), 1.6mm (35RR16247V)


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