AlcoTec ER 4047 ALMIGWELD Aluminium Wire

AWS A5.10 (ER & R) 4047

1.2mm – 9.07kg
1.6mm – 9.07kg

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Welding Filler Wire Spray and Flame Metallizing Wire.

Alloy 4047 was originally developed as a brazing alloy (BAlSi-4) or (718) to take advantage of its low melting point and narrow freezing range. In addition, it has a higher silicon content than 4043, which provides for increased fluidity and reduced shrinkage. The alloy produces bright and almost smut free welds. Hot cracking is significantly reduced when 4047 is used as a filler alloy. The alloy may be used in applications of sustained elevated temperatures.

Typical Applications

– Trade designation: ALMIGWELD and ALTIGWELD
– Non-Heat treatable
– Similar to AlSi12 (Germany), BS N21 (United Kingdom)
– ISO designation: AlSi12
– Principle alloying elements: Silicon
– Applicable specifications: ANSI/AWS A5.10 (ER & R), AMS 4190


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1.2mm (404720047X), 1.6mm (404720062X)