ESAB OK 84.78 Hardfacing Electrode

EN 14700:E Z Fe14 | Hardfacing Electrode

3.2 x 350mm – 10.2kg per carton.
4.0 x 450mm – 15.0kg per carton.
5.0 x 450mm – 14.4kg per carton.

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OK 84.78 gives a weld metal with coarse chromium carbides in an austenitic matrix. Suitable for surfacing worn parts in earth-moving equipment, sand pumps, mixers, feed screws, dust extractors, crushers etc exposed to wear by coal, ores and other minerals. Also in corrosive environment and/or elevated temperature.

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3.2 x 350mm (8474323N20), 4.0 x 450mm (8474404N20), 5.0 x 450mm (8474504N20)