WP-9 Series Torch Body (FV, V P, F)

OEM Torch Body for Weldcraft WP-9 Series (A-125) Torches.

= Flexible Head
V = Valve
FV = Flexible Head with Valve
= Pencil

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Designed for optimal control while welding thin-gauge materials, especially in hard-to-reach places. This series offers a variety of configurations suited to diverse welding applications.

The lightweight body reduces fatigue and downtime, and increases operator comfort.
WP-9V version offers improved shielding gas control.
WP-9F has flexible neck that easily adjusts to any angle for improved torch control.
WP-9P, the pencil-style model without a back cap allows for superior access to confined areas.
WP-9FV combines the flexible neck and gas valve for welding limited-access joints using power sources without gas solenoids.

Rated Output:
DC: 125 A, AC: 100 A
Duty Cycle 60%
Accepted Filler Metal Range: 0.5–3.2 mm

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WP-9 (Standard), WP-9F, WP-9V, WP-9FV, WP-9P