WP-26 Series Torch Body (F, FV, P, V)

OEM Torch Body for Weldcraft WP-26 Series (A-200) Torches.

= Flexible Head
FV = Flexible Head with Valve
V = Valve
P = Pencil

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The WP-26 Series consists of dependable, top-performing air-cooled torches designed for heavy-duty welding applications.

The air-cooled capability pairs reliability with cost-effectiveness for all field applications, eliminating the expense of a water-cooled system.
Robust performance. The heavy copper construction delivers optimal welding capacity for rugged fieldwork.
Effortless adjustments. The WP-26V provides a gas control valve to ensure a quick, easy adjustment of shielding gas flow.
Flexibility. Using the WP-26F, the flexible neck easily adjusts to any angle for better torch control in limited-access joints.
Combining the flexible neck and gas valve advances capabilities with greater comfort and control (WP-26FV).

Rated Output
DC: 200 A, AC: 150 A
Duty Cycle 60%
Applicable Filler Metal Range: 0.5– 4.0 mm

Applications: Fabrication, Maintenance and repair, Manufacturing, Shipbuilding, Vocational.

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WP-26 (Standard), WP-26F, WP-26FV, WP-26V, WP-26P