WP-24 Series Torch Body (F, G, FV, W)

OEM Torch Body for Weldcraft WP-24 Series (A-80) Torches.

= Flexible Head
FV = Flexible Head with Valve
W = Water-Cooled

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The WP-24 Series consists of innovative torches designed for intricate welding applications, especially in limited-access areas and on thin-gauge materials. The A-80 Series torches deliver comfort and versatility for a variety of welding applications.

Featherweight torch body is well balanced to improve operator comfort and control.
Secure mechanical fittings and connections reduce leakage of gas and water.
Easy gas-flow adjustment using the fingertip gas valve (A-80 Flex Valve).
Flexible neck can be adjusted in any direction to facilitate welding in difficult joints (A-80 Flex).
Combining the flexible neck and gas valve is ideal for optimal positioning and gas flow control (A-80 Flex Valve).

Rated Output
DC: 80 A, AC: 50 A
Duty Cycle 60%
Acceptable Filler Metal Range: 0.5–2.4 mm.

Applications: Shipbuilding, Motorsports, Aviation, Restricted areas.

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WP-24G (Standard), WP-24F, WP-24FV, WP-24W