WP-20 Series Torch Body (F, V, FV, P)

OEM Torch Body for Weldcraft WP-9 Series (W-250) Torches.

= Flexible Head
V = Valve
FV = Flexible Head with Valve
= Pencil

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WP-20 Series water-cooled torches provide consistent performance and long-term trouble-free service with around-the-head water cooling.

Extend torch life and minimize downtime due to overheating with the efficient around-the-head cooling design.
Comfort and control are increased with the lightweight, compact body design.
Reduce leakage of gas and water through secure mechanical fittings and connections.
Easy hose replacement with innovative mechanical fittings design (WP-20V).

Rated Output
DC: 250 A, AC: 180 A
Duty Cycle 100%
Accepted Filler Metal Range: 0.5–3.2 mm.

Applications: Aerospace, Dairy, Food/beverage industry, Light and heavy manufacturing, Maintenance and repair, Petrochemical, Precision fabrication, Shipbuilding, Tube and pipe, Vocational.

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WP-20 (Standard), WP-20F, WP-20P, WP-20V, WP-20FV