WP-18 Series Torch Body (F, FV, V, P)

OEM Torch Body for Weldcraft WP-18 Series (W-350) Torches.

= Flexible Head
V = Valve
FV = Flexible Head with Valve
P = Pencil

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The WP-18 Series is comprised of rugged torches engineered for high-amperage and continuous hand-held welding in mechanized applications. Welders can handle their welding applications with more power and comfort.

Reduce downtime and costs by minimizing overheating with the unique cooling design engineered for operator comfort.
Reduce discomfort and fatigue using the comfortable handle design.
Superior gas flow control offered through the built-in fingertip gas control (WP-18V).

Rated Output
DC: 350 A, AC: 250 A
Duty Cycle 100%
Accepted Filler Metal Range: 0.5–4.0 mm

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WP-18 (Standard), WP-18F, WP-18P, WP-18V, WP-18FV