WP-17 TIG Welding Torch with 8m Cable

Torch Body customizable to F, V, FV variants.

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Comprised of an assortment of versatile and innovative air-cooled torches designed for maximum comfort in a variety of applications. The WP-17 torches are a cost-effective alternative to complex water-cooled systems.

Special head design with ergonomic contact points for thumb and fingers. Provides a more comfortable grip and reduces operator fatigue.
Improved control and comfort with the F variant and the flexible neck that allows access into hard-to-reach areas.
Ribbed handle and torch design provide cool operation and maximum operator comfort while reducing downtime caused by operator fatigue.
Utilize existing parts. Replacement parts are easy to find. Uses common Weldcraft 10N series consumables.

Rated Output:
DC: 150 A, AC: 115 A
Duty Cycle 60%
Accepted Filler Metal Range: 0.5–3.2 mm

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