Thermal Dynamics 1Torch Standoff Cutting Tip

For cutting of metal thicker than 6mm (1/4″). Pack of 5.

Standoff Tip 40A – 9-8208
Standoff Tip 50/55A  – 9-8209
Standoff Tip 60A – 9-8210
Standoff Tip 70A – 9-8231
Standoff Tip 80A – 9-8211
Standoff Tip 90/100A – 9-8212
Standoff Tip 120A – 9-8253

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The preferred method of cutting metal thicker than 1/4″ (6 mm) and at current levels above 60 Amps. Provides maximum visibility and accessibility. Shield cup for ‘standoff’ cutting (with the torch tip 1/8″ (3 mm) to 1/4″ (6 mm) from the work piece). Use the shield cup body together with the deflector for extended parts life and improved resistance to reflect heat. This combination provides cutting results similar to the single piece shield cup, as well as easy changeover to gouging or drag shield cutting.

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Standoff Tip 40A, Standoff Tip 50/55A, Standoff Tip 60A, Standoff Tip 70A, Standoff Tip 80A, Standoff Tip 90/100A, Standoff Tip 120A

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