Thermal Dynamics 1Torch SL60 Plasma Cutting Torch

(7-5204) – 1Torch SL60 with 75° angle and 6m cable.

Suited for applications between 20-60 Amps.

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The 1Torch SL60 is the first plasma cutting torch that performs with virtually all plasma cutting power supplies. The 1Torch works great with high frequency start systems, CD start, Touch Start and Moving Start systems. Install the 1Torch on your current plasma power supply and you will immediately benefit from the latest in high-performance torch technology available today.

  • 6m Lead – O2B Connection
  • Ergonomic Torch Handle
  • Choice of Extended Tip for greater visibility at low power OR Protected Tip for high amperage applications
  • Lower Consumable Parts Inventories and Costs

The 1Torch SL60 and SL100 Torches work with most plasma cutting power supplies. The Torches are equipped with either O2B connectors or the Thermal Dynamics ATC connector and are connected using various Adapter Kits sold separately. A label on the torch handle indicates the torch model number. 1Torch SL60 Torches provide cutting capabilities of up to 60 amperes. SL100 Torches provide cutting capabilities of up to 100 amperes.

The torches use compressed air as both the plasma and secondary gas. The torches are suitable for drag cutting (with the torch tip in contact with the workpiece, at up to 40 Amps output); 40-100 Amp shielded drag cutting (with shielded torch parts (cap, etc.) in contact with the workpiece); standoff cutting; or gouging. Refer to the Complete Assembly Replacement page for configurations and catalog numbers. These instructions are important for the proper installation of the Torches.

Read the instructions thoroughly before attempting the installation. Keep these instructions for reference. Supplied Parts The Replacement Torches include: Torch With Leads – 1 each Installation Instructions – 1 each Consumables (Installed on the Torch): Electrode, Starter Cartridge, Tip, Shield Cup Body and Drag Shield cap .

For more information, please refer to the manufacturer’s link here.
For higher capacity torch, please see the Thermal Dynamics SL100 Plasma Torch (7-5206) 6m.

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