Thermal Dynamics 1Torch Gouging Tip

  • Tip “A” – 40 amps max, shallow depth, narrow width.
  • Tip “B” – 50-100 amps, deep depth, narrow width.
  • Tip “C” – 60-120 amps, moderate depth, moderate width.
  • Tip “D” – 60-120 amps, shallow depth, wide width.
  • Tip “E” – 60-120 amps, moderate depth, wide width.

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GOUGING – A simple method of metal removal by angling the torch to a lead angle of 35°-45°, and using a gouging tip. While maintaining a constant standoff distance, this allows for only a partial penetration into the work, thus removing metal from the surface. The amount of current, travel speed, standoff distance, lead angle, and tip size will determine the amount of material removed and the profile of the gouge. You can use the shield cup body with either the gouging shield cap or the shield deflector. Also, you can use the single piece shield cup.

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Tip A (9-8225), Tip B (9-8226), Tip C (9-8227), Tip D (9-8228), Tip E (9-8254)

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