Thermal Dynamics 1Torch Drag Tip

Drag Tip 20A – 9-8205
Drag Tip 30A – 9-8206
Drag Tip 40A – 9-8207
Drag Tip 60A – 9-8252

Sold in Packs of 5.

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The preferred method of cutting light gauge metal up to 1/4″ (6 mm) thickness. Produces the best cut quality narrowest kerf width, fastest cutting speeds, and with little to no distortion. Traditional drag cutting was limited to 40 Amps or less; now with Thermal Dynamics TRUE Cut Drag Tip Series™ technology , it is possible to cut up to 60 Amps. For best results, use the Shield Cup with the torch tip in direct contact with the work (up to 60 Amps).

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Drag Tip 20A, Drag Tip 30A, Drag Tip 40A, Drag Tip 60A

Thermal Dynamics

Thermal Dynamics sets the standard for flexibility, value, and performance in manual plasma cutting products and solutions.

Thermal Dynamics (an ESAB brand) provides:
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