Thermal Dynamics 1Torch Drag Shield Cap

Drag Shield Cap 40A – 9-8244
Drag Shield Cap 50-60A – 9-8235
Drag Shield Cap 70-100A – 9-8236
Drag Shield Cap 120A – 9-8258

To use on Thermal Dynamics Shield Cup for SL60 / SL100 plasma cutting torch.

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This is an operator-friendly method of cutting between 70 to 120 Amps while maintaining a constant standoff distance. For metal thickness greater than 1/4″ (6 mm), simply drag the shield cap in contact with the work piece. Use the shield cup body with the appropriate drag shield cap matching the current level being used. This method is not recommended for cutting light-gauge sheet metal.

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Drag Shield Cap 40A, Drag Shield Cap 50-60A, Drag Shield Cap 70-100A, Drag Shield Cap 120A

Thermal Dynamics

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