TBi 360 Classic Blue MIG Welding Torch

Supplied equipped for steel wire Ø 1.2 mm.
Euro central connector, 50 deg bent torch neck.

Available in sizes 3m (114P341330) / 4m (114P341340) / 5m (114P341350).

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The torches of the TBi Classic series have been designed to be compatible with standard consumables. Our torches are outstanding by their highly flexible and comparatively thin coaxial cables, while providing the same conductive cross-section. Due to its special design, this cable will reach a long life while yielding best welding properties.

Advantages of the TBi Classic torches:
– Best usability and ergonomic design
– Heat-resistant ribbed rubber cable
– The best cooling due to better heat removal as a result of monoblock swan necks.

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3m (114P341330), 4m (114P341340), 5m (114P341350)