TAKADA E71T-1 FCAW Carbon Steel Wire


Packaged in 15kg boxes.

Available in sizes 1.2mm / 1.6mm diameter.

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E71T-1 is an oxide of titanium type slag, CO2 flux cored wires for all positions welding, including vertical down. The arc is stable with little spatter, providing the weld a smooth appearance. The slag is easy to remove and smokes a little.

E71T-1 is used for welding low carbon steel and 490MPa class high tensile steel. It is widely used for welding structures of ships, bridges, buildings, stored tanks and steel beams etc.

Notes on usage:

  1. Strictly control the content of impurities in CO₂, guarantee the purity of CO₂.
  2. The flow of CO₂ is normally 20-251/min, when welding.
  3. The outer length of wire should be controlled within 15-25mm.


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1.2mm, 1.6mm


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