Kobelco FAMILIARC LB-52-18 (E7018) Electrode

AWS A5.1 E7018 Welding Electrode.
EN ISO 2560-A-E 42 3 B.

Available in 20kg cartons, 2.6mm / 3.2mm / 4.0mm / 5.0mm.

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Kobelco FAMILIARC LB-52-18 (E7018) Features:

      • Suitable for butt and fillet welding of heavy structure.
      • Good performance by DCEP current
      • Much iron powder contained in the coating gives high efficiency.
      • Good with both AC and DC.
      • All position welding for 490MPa class high tensile steel in the fields of ship building, machine and steel structural fabrications.

Kobelco FAMILIARC LB-52-18 is a low-hydrogen electrode with a high deposition rate for mild steel and 490 MPa high tensile steel. It is an excellent choice for a variety of applications. It produces the weld metal of excellent toughness and crack resistibility because of the characteristic peculiar to the low hydrogen type electrode.

“L” stands for low hydrogen, while “B” symbolizes a slagshielding covered electrode. “52” refers to the typical tensile strength of deposited metal at the time the electrode was developed. “1” shows that it can be used in all positions, while “8” is the designation for “iron powder, low hydrogen” as in the AWS E7018 specification.

Since it’s development in 1962, LB-52-18 has seen its features refined and its markets expanded. Kobe Steel pursues keen quality control in order to maintain the excellency of LB-52-18 produced in Japan and overseas. The maintenance of quality is an important factor in the high reputation LB-52-18 has persistently earned in such diverse fields as machinery, steel structures, bridge construction and shipbuilding.

Re-drying conditions: 300~350°C, 0.5 to 1 hour.
Identification color: 1st Blue White, 2nd Blue
Polarity: AC, DCEP.

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2.6 x 350mm, 3.2 x 400mm, 4.0 x 450mm, 5.0 x 450mm


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