ESAB Weld 7018L (E7018 H4) Welding Electrode

3784253S00 – 2.5 x 350mm – 20.0kg
3784323S00 –  3.2 x 350mm – 20.0kg
3784404S00 – 4.0 x 450mm – 20.0kg

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Weld 7018L is high quality iron powder coating general purpose basic electrode for mild and low alloy steels with good running characteristics on DCEP with high deposit rate. It performs excellent weldability with arc stably, smooth bead, low spatter levels and easy slag removal, coating melted uniformly, high resistance against porosity. Stable mechanical properties with good ductility and good notch toughness at temperatures, cold and hot crack resistance. The coating is of the low moisture absorption type with diff hydrogen less than 5.0 mL/ 100 g. It is fit for welding general structures with mild and low-alloy steels. Ideal for the welding of structure for application strength pressure vessel, offshore, bridge, ship building, piping.


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2.5 x 350mm (20kg), 3.2 x 350mm (20kg), 4.0 x 450mm (20kg)


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