ESAB Warrior 500i CC/CV (0465350883) Multi Process Welder

380-415V, 3ph,  50/60Hz.
Supplied with 3m mains cable, 5m return cable with clamp.

0465350883 – Warrior 500i CC/CV
0465250881 – Warrior Feed 304w

This arc welding equipment complies with the requirements of IEC/EN 609741 and IEC/EN 6097410 as well as IEC/EN 609742 and IEC/EN 609745.

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The reliable multi-process welding equipment designed for heavy duty productivity with up to 500 amps delivered.

  • Durable and rugged –Suitable for outdoor and indoor use in rough environments. Warrior paired with Robust Feed PRO, with its robust and weatherproof enclosed design provide the ideal solution whenever portability and durability are key
  • Easy-to-use–Clear and intuitive user interface for everyone to get started quickly. Glove-friendly knobs make adjustments quick and easy.
  • High-Duty Cycle –For long runs across a variety of applications and delivers 400 A or 500 A at 60% Duty Cycle.
  • The 2021 Red Dot design award winning design of the RobustFeed also provides additional benefits including, best in class enclosure from moisture and dust to keep the spool safe, an integrated heater and flow meter and well-designed ergonomics.
  • PreciDrive wire drive system maintains precision wire feeding performance to promote consistent weld quality. The powerful drive system enables same level of control even for large diameter wires for hardfacing or other demanding applications


MultiProcess including MMA, MIG/MAG, LiveTig™ and Arc Gouging gives you the flexibility at work:
FluxCored and Solid wire, 0.8 1.6 mm.
Carbon Arc Gouging up to 9.5 mm (3/8 in.).
6010 (cellulosic) capability.
High Duty cycle For long runs and various applications giving high productivity.

Durable and rugged IP23 rating for outdoor and indoor use in rough environment.

Easy to use Simple and clear user interface for everyone to get started quickly.

Robust and ergonomic handles Also for mechanical lifting.

Sun friendly display easy to read outdoor.

Inverter technology Smaller, lighter and less energy cost, gives you value for money.

Generator compatible For flexible use in different job sites.

Automatic Hot Start/Variable Arc Control To support your different demands.

Wide input voltage range to support regional requirements.


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