ESAB Transmig 500i Heavy Duty Digital Inverter

Supplied with:
Wire Feeder 364A (ICFC 960101), TBi 500P (3m) Torch (ICFC 960142),
70mm² Extension Cable Kit (10m), Gas Product CO2 Regulator.

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ESAB Transmig 500i is part of the Transmig series. Transmig digital GMAW welding power sources are easy- to-use multifunctional heavy duty digital GMAW welders centrally controlled through an ARM chip that adjusts the welding output voltage and current waveform at high speed, delivering super arc stability, strong adaptability, little spatter and a wide range of parameter adjustment. Featured with multiple processes such as MMA, GMAW, Synergic GMAW and DPT, Transmig series can be applied in various heavy-duty applications in harsh working environments with outstanding performance.

Efficient Arc Striking Technology

ESAB’s unique instantaneous arc control and wire end ball removal control at the end of welding provides for efficient arc striking. The Transmig offers excellent striking, crater and deballing performance, with obvious differentiation.

Versatile Welding Applications

DPT (Deep Penetration Welding) – Force arc with digital control technology to effectively increase the welding depth. Ideal for high-speed welding of thick plates.
DC GMAW – This mode is ideal for general welding needs, whereby welding parameters can be freely and precisely set according to the welding process and operating habits. When the current is adjusted in a unified way, the welding voltage automatically matches.
Welding Electrode – Compatible with electrodes up to 5.0mm in diameter, including both acid and alkaline welding electrodes. It has the ability to adjust arc force and hot start current.

Advanced Functions for Configuration and Management

The Transmig 500i features a switching display for current and wire feed speed. The upper limit of welding current can be set to control welding quality. Furthermore, the i Series Transmig machines can store up to 10 sets of weld parameters for fast recall. Advanced parameters such as arc striking current, pre-flow time, wire feed speed after arc striking, post-flow time, and burn-back time are all adjustable.

Site Adaptability

High duty cycle. With input voltage adaptation range of up to ±15%. The Transmig 500i circuit boards and main power components are designed to be dust-proof, suitable for harsh working environments. It has multiple protection functions, such as: phase loss protection, short circuit protection, overheat protection, overvoltage & under-voltage protection.

Optional Robot Analog I/O, Digital Device Net Communication Port, and IoT Extension Module

The Transmig 500i can be used in conjunction with robots or particular welding equipment through optional digital or analog I/O communication interfaces, to achieve automatic welding. An IoT extension module is available to transform the Transmig into an IoT welder that connects to the WeldCloud software, which allows you to manage all welding equipment in a mobile application.

Transmig IoT Module Flowchart

The ESAB Transmig 500i is compatible with robots from various brands and adaptable to various applications. It produces excellent welding performance and stable arc, and contributes to less downtime in the production. It is an ideal welding automation solution for high duty-cycle continuous welding applications.

ESAB Transmig i Series Specifications

Transmig 500i Wire Feeder – Feed 364A

Dual closed-loop digital control and a four-wheel drive design ensure strong wire feeding and stable welding effect, even with a 50-meter extension cable. Remote control adjustments and switching of parameters is available via a digital remote. These parameters include voltage, wire feed rate, inductance, and initial/welding/arc stopping parameters for efficient welding.

Applications – Industries

Shipbuilding & Offshore, Engineering Machinery, Steel Structures, General Fabrication and Automation.


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