ESAB SR-B 26 TIG Welding Torch

Air-Cooled, available in 4m and 8m.

Welding Output: 60%  Duty Cycle at 140A AC, or 200A DC.
Suitable for 0.5-4.0 mm diameter filler rods.

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ESAB SR-B 26 is part of ESAB’s SR-B family of TIG welding torches. SR-B torches are dedicated to quality. The torches’ design aims to provide convenience and versatility. Choose between air-cooled and water cooled, with or without gas-valve and with optional flexible head to suit your individual application.

  • Gas cooled torches always measured at 60% duty cycle. Water cooled at 100% duty cycle.
  • Ergonomically formed handle with toggle switch.
  • Cable assembly with swivel cable support on the handle.

ESAB SR-B 26 has a 60%  Duty Cycle at 140A AC, or 200A DC. It operates on air cooling and is suitable for welding with 0.5-4.0 mm diameter electrodes.

The SR-B 26 is the base variant of type 26 torches, it features OKC 50 and 2-pin Amphenol plug connections. It is the recommended replacement/substitute torch for many of ESAB’s best selling machines, such as the Rogue ET 200iP PRO (0700500093).

Available in configurations of cable lengths 4 meters ( 0700025518), and 8m (0700025519). ESAB also offers a heavy-duty variant, SR-B 26 HD, with 60% duty cycles at higher outputs of AC 160A, and DC 230A.

The SR-B family torches are suitable for industries such as: aerospace, automotive, food & beverage, light fabrication, marine & offshore, petrochemical, pipeline, steel industry, and tank & vessel fabrication.

ESAB SR-B 26 Schematics

The standard ESAB SR-B 26 (all variants) torch uses the above wear parts.

Please refer here (pdf) for ESAB’s list of TIG welding torch wear parts.


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4m (0700025518), 8m (0700025519)