ESAB Shield-Bright 316L

Gas Shielded Flux Cored Wire of Grade SFA/AWS A5.22 : E316LT1-1 & E316LT1-4

1.2mm – 12.5kg (35FA12248V)

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ESAB Shield-Bright 316L is a FCAW wire for low carbon 18%Cr – 12%Ni – 2%Mo stainless steel for all-position welding. For welding type 316 stainless. Contains molybdenum which resists pitting corrosion induced by sulphuric and sulphurous acids, chlorides and cellulose solutions. Used widely in the rayon, dye and paper making industries. Carbon content 0.04% maximum.

The Shield-Bright series of gas-shielded stainless cored wires produce superior operability for all-position welding applications by design. Regardless of position, the weld deposits flatly, which is a quality provided by the faster freezing slag. With a rutile based slag system, Shield-Bright gas-shielded flux-cored wires always operate in the spray transfer mode and are able to weld at high currents with high deposition rates using mixed or CO2 shielding gas. A full range of grades makes product selection simple.

Shield-Bright wires have easy slag release, even in V butt joints. While it is not completely self-releasing, the slag can be removed with minimum effort. The spatter levels are nearly non-existent, allowing for additional savings in post-weld cleaning.

ESAB Shield-Bright 316L Classifications:
SFA/AWS A5.22 : E316LT1-1
SFA/AWS A5.22 : E316LT1-4
JIS Z 3323 : TS316L-FB1
KS D 3612 : YF 316LC
EN ISO 17633-A : T 19 12 3 L P C1 2
EN ISO 17633-A : T 19 12 3 L P M21 2

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1.2 (35FA12248V)


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