ESAB Rogue ET 200iP PRO (0700500093)

230 V, 1-phase , 50/60 Hz

High Frequency TIG Welding Machine

Delivered with: 3m mains cable and plug, shoulder strap, 4m SR-B 26 type TIG torch , a set of wear parts, including tungsten electrode, 3m return cable with clamp.

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ESAB Rogue ET 200iP is a powerful and easy to handle entry level high frequency start TIG machine. It has been designed with ESAB DNA code which gives great robustness locked in very compact housing. Its IP23S design makes it suitable for fabrication floor or site applications. The Rogue ET’s lightweight, ergonomic handle, carry strap and long extension cables make it the ideal solution for field applications. All variants of Rogue machines are suitable to work with generators (up to 7kW).

The Rogue ET performs with exceptional arc characteristics, both in TIG and Stick mode. There is a broad number of advanced parameters that can be adjusted in TIG, such as: gas pre flow, start current, ramp up time, ramp down time, finish current and post flow. All of these can be worked with 2 or 4 stroke mode. Additionally, Rogue ET 200iP PRO offers a pulse feature with background current control and frequency adjustments up to 500 Hz for better heat input control.

In SMAW or stick welding mode, user can adjust Hot Start or Arc Force to match his/her best welding preferences and application. Its simple and intuitive user-interface allows for quick and easy adjustments.

Additionally, the Rogue ET 200iP PRO offers a pulse feature. It provides background current control and frequency adjustments up to 500 Hz for better heat input control.

Suitable for applications within industries such as: agricultural equipment, civil construction, food and beverage, industrial fabrication, general fabrication, repair and maintenance works.

ESAB Rogue ET 200iP Pro Data SheetReference:  ESAB Rogue ET 180i/200iP PRO

For a more stick welding-focused machine, check out ESAB Rogue ES 200i PRO SEA (0700500087).


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