ESAB Robust Feed AVS Wire Feeder

The industry’s most durable and high-performing industrial wire feeder for any brand of CC/CV power source or engine-driven welder. A versatile voltage-sensing wire feeder. Available with front Euro connector for use with non-Tweco welding torches.

Best-in-class feeder performance, portability, and usability.

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ESAB Robust Feed AVS (automatic voltage sensing), with its ergonomic, robust and enclosed design, is the ideal partner whenever portability and durability are key. It is a versatile voltage-sensing wire feeder for use with any CV or CC welding power supply.

Dirt. Drops. Mud. Rain. Game on. You are a welder, and you are not afraid to get your hands dirty. You work in some of the toughest conditions, and you need equipment you can take anywhere. That is why we created Robust Feed – our most durable, ergonomic, and high-performing wire feeder yet.

ESAB Robust Feed AVS Specifications

Quick-change, four-roll drive reduces downtime and provides consistent feeding results. Rolls are easy to change from one wire size to another without the need for tools.ESAB Robust Feed AVS Open

Digital meters for Voltage and WFS ensure more arc time, are labor-saving and beneficial for critical welds using specific welding procedures.

Durable, drop-proof housing withstands demanding applications. Weatherproof, enclosed design that withstands rain from all directions ensures the filler metal is kept dry.

Robust Feed AVS Wire Feeding Performance

The RobustFeed AVS accepts 8- and 12-in. diameter wire spools. It feeds solid wires as large as 5/64 inches, cored wires up to 3/32 inches, and has a wire feed speed range of 1.3 to 25 meters per minute. It has a duty cycle rating of 100% at 350 amps, the best in its class. Whereas other portable feeders only have 2-wheel drive, the RobustFeed AVS uses a 4-wheel drive mechanism and encoder controlled feeding.

Operators use a single control knob and digital meter on the front panel to adjust wire feed speed at the feeder (but must set voltage at the power source). The RobustFeed AVS has two internal LEDs to illuminate the feeder in dark conditions, 2T (standard) or 4T (trigger lock) control, gas purge, wire jog, CC/CV mode switch and an optional internal gas flow meter protected by the rugged case.

Full use of the Robust Feed family accessories, such as wheel kit and strain reliefs, make the ESAB Robust Feed AVS wire feeder the perfect solution for the toughest applications.

RobustFeed – Extreme Video | Tug of War from ESAB on Vimeo.

Check out ESAB’s official webpage. Part number: 0446700882.
The RobustFeed AVS is best paired with a CC/CV power source like the ESAB Warrior 500i CC/CV.


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