ESAB OK Tigrod 2209 (ER2209) Duplex Stainless Steel Filler Rod

SFA/AWS A5.9 : ER2209 Austenitic-ferritic (22.5 % Cr – 8 % Ni – 3 % Mo – Low C) Filler Rod.

168624R150 – 2.4 x 1000mm

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ESAB OK Tigrod 2209 is a bare corrosion resisting Duplex welding rod. Its main purpose is for the welding of austenitic-ferritic stainless alloys of 22% Cr 5% Ni 3% Mo types. OK Tigrod 2209 has a high general corrosion resistance. In media containing chloride and hydrogen sulphide, the alloy has a high resistance to intergranular, pitting and especially to stress corrosion. The alloy is used in a variety of applications across all industrial segments.

ESAB OK Tigrod 2209 requires welding with shielding gas of types I1, I2, I3, or N2 (per EN ISO 14175).

Manufacturer Reference: OK Tigrod 2209


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