ESAB OK Flux 10.71 (1071000N00)

AWS A5.17 : F7P5- EH12K, AWS A5.17 : F7P4-EM14K
AWS A5.17 : F7A5-EH12K, AWS A5.17 : F7A4-EM13K
AWS A5.17 : F7A4-EM12K, AWS A5.17 : F7A2-EM14K
AWS A5.23 : F8A4-ENi1K-Ni1

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ESAB OK Flux 10.71 is an agglomerated aluminate-basic flux for Submerged Arc Welding. General purpose flux with excellent welding performance, suitable for all kinds of steels. High impact toughness values. Fits to a large range of SAW wires. For general constructions, pressure vessels, shipbuilding, pipe mills, wind tower productions, transport industries, etc. Designed for single and multi wire procedures, for butt and fillet welds. Suitable for DC and AC welding. Single layer and multi layer welding of unlimited plate thickness.

Diffusible Hydrogen: max 5 ml H/100g weld metal (Redried flux)
Slag Type: Aluminate-basic
Alloy Transfer: Slightly Silicon and moderately Manganese alloying
Density: nom: 1.2 kg/dm3
Basicity Index: nom: 1.5

The ESAB OK Flux 10.71 features packaging with ESAB BlockPac (25 kg) technology. It delivers fluxes “ready for use” at your site. The packaging material reliably prevents any moisture pick up during storage and transport. In addition, BlockPac can also be stored under severe climatic conditions. As long as the package is unopened and undamaged, it protects the SAW flux from any moisture pick-up.

Please see the reference link below for flux consumption, classifications, and approvals with various ESAB Submerged Arc Welding wires.

Reference: OK Flux 10.71

Approvals: CE : EN 13479, DB : 51.039.05, NAKS/HAKC : RD 03-613-03.

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Weight 25 kg


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