ESAB OK 76.18 (E8018-B2) Low Alloy Electrode

7618253ND0 – 2.5 x 350mm – 9.0kg
7618323NM0 – 3.2 x 350mm – 11.4kg
7615323NV0 – 3.2 x 350mm VP – 12.4kg (76.18 A)

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Basic DC electrode for welding creep resisting steels of the type 1% Cr 0.5% Mo. Welds with a stable arc and minimum spatter. Deposits weld metal resistant to both cracking and porosity.

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2.5 x 350mm (9.0kg), 3.2 x 350mm (11.4kg), 3.2 x 350mm (12.4kg VP)


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