ESAB OK 73.08 VP (E8018-G) Electrode

AWS A5.5 : E8018-G electrode.
Low alloyed (0.7 % Ni, 0.4 % Cu)

2.5 x 350mm – 6.3kg per carton.
3.2 x 350mm – 10.8kg per carton.
4.0 x 400mm – 13.2kg per carton.

Vacuum Packed.

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ESAB OK 73.08 is a NiCu-alloyed LMA electrode. It deposits a weld metal with good corrosion resistance to sea-water and flue gases, and is made for the welding of weatherproof steel and for ship’s hull structural steel. The weld metal has excellent mechanical properties. It is particularly suitable for welding the shell plating of ice-breakers and other ships, which work under conditions where the protective paint coating wears off. Or for welding of weathering steels, e.g. Cor-Ten steel and ship’s hull structural steel.

Factory Fresh Low Alloy Electrodes, Straight from the Pack – ESAB OK 73.08 is has ESAB’s VacPac™ packaging. Electrodes are hermetically sealed and vacuum-packed to protect low alloy electrodes from moisture pick up and re-absorption from the air. Electrodes can be used straight from the package. There is no need to re-bake them. You can also store them temporarily in holding ovens and quivers. Get fresh & dry low alloy covered electrodes every time with ESAB.

AWS A5.5 : E8018-G

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2.5 x 350mm (73082531K0), 3.2 x 350mm (73083230G0), 4.0 x 400mm (73084040G0)


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