ESAB OK 48.08 VP (E7018-G) Welding Electrode

AWS A5.1 : E7018-G electrode
Mild Steel – Low alloyed (0.9 % Ni)

2.5 x 350mm – 11.60kg per carton.
3.2 x 400mm – 14.0kg per carton.
4.0 x 400mm – 14.8kg per carton.
5.0 x 400mm – 16.0kg per carton

Vacuum Packed.

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ESAB OK 48.08 VP is an AC/DC, general purpose, LMA electrode for welding mild and low alloy steels. It has very good welding properties and deposits a high quality weld metal with good mechanical properties. The electrode can be used for welding restrained structures where high stresses cannot be avoided.

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2.5 x 350mm (4808253NV0), 3.2 x 400mm (480832HNV0), 4.0 x 400mm (480840HNV0), 5.0 x 400mm (480850HNV0)