ESAB OK 46.00

E6013 Carbon Manganese alloyed rutile electrode.

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ESAB OK 46.00 is an excellent performing, easy to use, rutile electrode and is relatively insensitive to rust or other surface impurities. It deposits smooth weld beads in all positions including vertical down with self releasing slag. Good striking and re-striking properties making it ideal for short welds, root runs and tacking, also useful for bridging gaps.

AWS A5.1: E6013 Mild Steel.

ESAB covered electrodes exceed industry criteria for low moisture pick up (moisture pick up 0 to 1000°C < 0.4 after 9 hours at 274°C, 80% HR). You can trust ESAB low hydrogen and mild steel electrodes to deliver tough mechanical properties in high or low temperature environments, high humidity worksites, or the most challenging positional welding projects. Plus, their easy-to-use nature make them a simple choice for welders of all skill levels.

Performance is still what sets ESAB covered electrodes apart. No matter the job at hand, with ESAB mild steel and low hydrogen electrodes you are assured of good penetration, consistent mechanical properties, and X-ray quality welds from batch to batch. The ESAB OK 46.00 included.


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2.5 x 350mm (4600253NR0), 3.2 x 350mm (4600323NR0), 4.0 x 400mm (460040HNR0), 5.0 x 400mm (460050HNR0)


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