ESAB OK 309L (E309L-16) Stainless Steel Welding Electrode

AWS A5.4 : E309L-16 electrode.

2.5 x 300mm – 10.2kg per carton
3.2 x 350mm – 12.9kg per carton
4.0 x 350mm – 12.9kg per carton

Vacuum Packed.

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ESAB OK 309L is an acid-rutile coated MMA-electrode giving an overalloyed weld metal. Suitable for welding stainless steel to mild and low alloyed steels. Also suitable for welding of transition layers when surfacing mild steel with stainless steel weld metal.


Reference: Manufacturer’s Page
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2.5 x 300mm (6498252030), 3.2 x 350mm (6498323020), 4.0 x 350mm (6498403020)