ESAB Fabricator ES 410iC (0447100880) Heavy-Duty Stick Welder

380-400-415-440 V 3, 50/60 Hz.


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ESAB Fabricator ES 410iC is a heavy-duty inverter-controlled power source for MMA (Stick) welding, TIG (live-TIG) welding and CC Carbon-Air Arc Gouging.
Get premium stick performance with electrodes of any size (2.0-6.0 mm) – including cellulose electrodes. Fabricator’s stick inverter is made for heavy industrial stick and TIG (LiveTIG) welding and CC Air Carbon Arc Gouging.


    • Premium MMA (stick electrode) performance, LiveTIG, and carbon arc gouging capabilities. Excellent welding performance with all types of electrodes including Cellulosic.
    • Heavy-duty productivity up to 400 A at 60% duty cycle.
    • Air tunnel design for protection from dust and debris.
    • The intuitive control panel of the ES 410iC makes it easy to optimize settings, reducing the time taken for achieving the best weld characteristics.
    • Hot start and arc force to set amperage quickly and easily for optimal welding results with any electrode size and type.
    • Built-in Anti-Stick function to prevent the electrode from sticking to the weld puddle.
    • Wide mains voltage tolerance allows for stable welding.

ESAB Fabricator ES 410iC features inverter-based technology to provide more energy savings by consuming less power, achieving 89% stick and 86% TIG energy efficiency and low idle power consumption. Ultimately saving you more in energy costs per year.

Built to withstand rugged use making it a perfect solution for industrial usage. Ideal for heavy industries using all types of electrodes, including Cellulosic.


  • Civil Construction
  • Pipe Workshops
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Ship and Offshore Yards
  • Industrial and General Fabrication


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