ESAB Eco-Arc II Helmet

0700000762 – with 90 x 110mm lens

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The new Eco-Arc II is the latest development in flip up passive welding helmets. With a light weight poly-propylene shell, and outstanding facial protection, this helmet is suitable for all-positional welding.

The helmet is supplied complete with outer protection lens, shade 11 mineral glass and the unique large internal protection lens.


Full Face Protection – Offering protection to the face, chin, throat, ears & head area, allowing for all position welding Light Weight Poly Shell – With the shell weighing in at 205g this increases long-term comfort for the wearer, and reduces fatigue. The complete helmet weighs 484g, making it one of the lightest helmets on the market. New Eco Head Gear – Made from a robust Nylon material, the head gear is very light & durable. The sweat band also adds added comfort to the wearer. There are 5 rake positions.


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