ESAB Dual Shield II 71 HI (E71T-1C) Flux Cored Wire

35RV12247V – 1.2mm – 15.0kg

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ESAB Dual Shield II 71 HI is an all-position flux cored wire. Its design provides optimum performance when using 100% CO2 shielding gas, while producing diffusible hydrogen levels of <4 mL/100g over a wide range of welding parameters. This wire was designed to join low and medium carbon steels where higher impacts and toughness are required. Additionally, Dual Shield II 71 HI has excellent welder appeal and performs very well over steels with moderate rust and mill scale. The smooth metal transfer facilitates easy deposition of vertical – up stringer beads.

ESAB pioneered the development of gas-shielded flux-cored welding (FCAW) in 1957. Today, ESAB offers the broadest variety of mild steel and low alloy flux-cored wires available anywhere in the world. Dual Shield wires offer flat welds with deep penetration and wetting into plate, with high deposition rates and efficiencies. This dramatically reduces weld time, increasing productivity. Consequently, flux-cored welding can be up to three times more productive than Stick and up to 2.5 times more productive than MIG. FCAW also offers productive positional welding and low diffusible hydrogen levels (H5) when required.

ESAB Dual Shield II 71 HI is of C Mn alloy type, and welds with DC+ current, with C1 (Pure CO2 Shielding Gas). Available only in 1.2mm diameter size, in wire spools of 15 kilograms per carton box packaging.

Manufacturer reference: Dual Shield II 71 HI.
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1.2mm (15.0kg)