CIGWELD BlueVenom XF200P3


BlueVENOM XF200P3 Welding Power Source.
CMGBZ24E3 MIG Gun 3m Euro quick connector w/ Aluminium Liner & Steel liner.
Work Clamp with 3m Lead.
Twist Lock Electrode Holder with 3m Lead.
3 x Feed Rolls: 0.8/0.9mm Gasless, 0.9/1.0mm Soft Wires, 0.8/0.9mm Solid Wires.
2m Argon Gas Hose and Gas Regulator/Flowmeter.
Yellow Nylon Inlet Guide (Soft Alloy Wires) and Spring Steel Inlet Guide (Hard Wires).
Operating Manual.

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 BlueVenom XF200P3

CIGWELD BlueVenom XF200P3 is a compact, robust mean machine with 3 x Pulse modes for multi-process MIG-STICK-TIG welding. Featuring over 750 Synergic Plate Thickness Lines.

The BlueVenom XF200P3 is the machine for the serious welding enthusiast, tradesperson or professional who need to fabricate and weld light structures. Such as those that require TIG-Like welds on Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Bronze or Steel projects, but need the welding speed and ease-of-use of the MIG Process. Suitable for use at maintenance departments, farm/home workshops, jobsites and marine repair/service centers without compromising on price for excellent results! With the avid welder in mind, CIGWELD have introduced “Opti-Start”. It is a feature that allows the user to customise their starting arc characteristics through Soft and Hard Start controls.


The BlueVenom XF200P3 delivers a maximum output of 200 Amps DC in MIG and TIG Modes, which means the machine is capable of welding metals from 0.6mm up to 12mm. In STICK mode (195A) the machine is capable of welding metals from
1.2mm up to 16mm in thickness.

BlueVenom XF200P3 Specifications


Comes ready to tackle welding aluminium. The BlueVenom packs impressive features and welding performance. It is made easy to suit the serious welding enthusiast to the welding pro. The XF200P3 also comes packed with the right liner, inlet guide and feed rollers for hard (steel and stainless) wires as well. Aluminium Pulse MIG Welding mode delivers excellent thin metal welding results that can be customised to allow adjustable “ripple spacing” (dimes) to achieve MIG-Welds that look like TIG-Welds!

Pre-installed Synergic Quickset MIG (Single & Double Pulse) programs included! Simply choose your material and gas combination (unless you’re using gasless), wire diameter and dial up the plate thickness you’re welding and you’re ready to go! Navigate with ease through the intuitive 3.5” full colour display. Set custom values to get the most out of your welds –from Voltage Trim and Adjustable Burnback to Hard and Soft start tweaks (Opti-Start Technology). The XF200P3 doesn’t hold back!

Weighing a mere 13.2kg, this portable beast will have you welding in any pulse mode you like! To make things even better, it’s equipped with a 2x roll (cogged) all-driven wire drive system for smooth and effortless wire feedability and is compatible with Spool Guns, TIG foot controls and Dial Remote TIG torch!


QuickSet, Plate Thickness Settings, allow simple set-up in no time.
Produce terrific welding results from 230V/240V x 15A upgraded power.
Fine tuning of Pre-Set Wire Speed & Volts / Full control over manual settings.
Welding wire size selection & metal/material selection.
You can weld most metals including Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Bronze.

Recommended MIG & TIG welding thickness range 0.6mm–12mm.
Recommended STICK welding thickness range 1.6mm–16mm.

Suitable for 100mm and 200mm diameter wire spools.

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